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Account Manager, BTRS

China; Beijing, China; Remote;

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H.B. Fuller is a leading global adhesives provider focusing on perfecting adhesives, sealants and other specialty chemicals across all industries throughout the world.  While our products are virtually invisible, they play a vital role in ensuring the quality of modern life and we are committed to connecting what matters to solve some of the world's biggest adhesion challenges.

  • 区域内销售管理 [60%] Regional sales management
    • 依据年度销售计划和销售策略,根据实际客户与市场情况,设定区域内销售计划,并按照周报、月报回顾计划完成情况,及时调整行动计划,保障销售额计划的完成。According to the annual sales plan and sales strategy, according to the actual customer and market situation, set up the regional sales plan, review the completion of the plan according to weekly and monthly reports, timely adjust the action plan, and ensure the completion of the sales plan.
    • 在大区经理的指导下,制定并执行每周的客户拜访计划,并完成相关报告/报表的填写与反馈。Under the guidance of regional manager, develop and implement weekly customer visit plan, and complete relevant reports and feedback.
    • 通过维护老客户、开发新客户,并不断开发新用胶点,以保障销售额指标达成,推动销售额回款。Maintain old customers, develop new customers, and constantly develop new glue points to ensure the sales target is achieved and promote sales collection.
    • 根据开发客户需要,举办客户讲座、经销商培训或与其他部门合作举办研讨会。According to the needs of developing customers, hold customer lectures, distributor training or cooperate with other departments to hold seminars.
    • 定期总结成功的用胶点案例。Summarize the successful cases of glue point regularly.
  • 市场推广[20%] market promotion
    • 根据全球产品部及销售部的要求,收集客户、市场及竞争信息,并及时、准确的反馈。Collect customer, market and competitive information as required by global product department and sales department, and provide timely and accurate feedback.
    • 配合全球产品部完成市场/行业的产品推广、用胶点成功案例推广等工作。Cooperate with global Product Department to complete marketing/industry product promotion, successful case promotion with glue points, etc.,
    • 配合全球产品部完成展会支持等工作。Cooperate with global Product department to complete exhibition support and other work.
  • 经销商管理[20%] Dealer management
    • 对区域经销商进行管理,包括合作开发客户、规范经销商行为、签订经销商协议与开发计划等。Manage regional distributors, including developing customers together, standardizing dealer behaviors, signing dealer agreements and development plans, etc.,
    • 配合渠道管理部对区域内经销商进行设立、培训、合作辅导、窜货惩罚等。Cooperate with channel management department to set up, train, cooperate with and coach dealers in the region and punish them for channeling goods.
  • EHS和道德[10%] EHS and ethics
    • 遵守履行部门EHS的职责,以及公司道德合规要求。Comply with EHS responsibilities and company ethical compliance requirements.
    • 负责本岗位安全环保方面相关职。Responsible for safety and environmental protection related responsibilities of this position.

At H.B. Fuller, we are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer and are committed to providing all applicants and employees with equal employment opportunity. We subscribe to the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) policy of employing and promoting individuals based on their merits, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, citizenship status, or any other protected classification.

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