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Technical Service Engineer

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Job Description


This position is responsible for supporting hygiene business growth by providing testing activities and analysis experiments in the laboratory; he or she will also do the application demo and trouble-shootings at customer site as needed.


  1. Conduct laboratory work tasks under the general guidance of more experienced technical service engineers and managers.
  • Analyze the competitors’ adhesives from the market and give the guidance for product proposal to different customers.
  • Analyze the demo samples from customer to find the advantage of our products compared with competitors.
  • Analyze the complaint samples to find the root cause and give the guidance to the trouble shooting in customer.

2. Operate the coater in the lab to imitate the real use in customers.

  • Imitate the parameters in customer line with adhesives to resolve the application issue.
  • Compare with competitors’ adhesive to find the difference with our products and give the guidance to product proposal and development.

3. Do the routine test and analysis of the samples from customers.

4. Provide the technical service to customer directly sometimes according to sales requirement.

5. Have good cross department communication and relationships.

Minimum Requirements

  1. Bachelor degree or above with major in Chemical Engineering, Polymer or Materials Science.
  2. 1~3 year experience will be preferred.


  1. Working experience in hygiene industry or chemical product application, manufacturing process, machinery is preferred, but bright fresh graduate maybe considered too.
  2. Strong interpersonal skills with ability to communicate and work effectively with cross-functional teams and customers
  3. Self-motivated, proactive with winning spirit.
Job Location
Guangzhou, Guangdong Sheng, China
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