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Process Engineer Assistant

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We at H.B. Fuller embrace a shared set of beliefs and competencies that direct the way we operate and express our fundamental principles about how we will achieve success. We strive to hire and develop talent that demonstrates our beliefs and our competencies.




  1. Assist Process Engineer  in new product introduction 协助工厂工艺工程师工作(主要负责新产品引进)

  2. This position reports to Process Engineer 该职位向工厂工艺工程师汇报



  1. 组织新产品引进的可行性学习并协调相关的准备工作 .Organize new products feasibility study and coordinate relative preparations.

  2. 设定新产品的生产时间并跟踪其按时在南京工厂生产.Setup new products schedule and follow up to launch it in Nanjing plant on time.

  3. 在南京系统中设置新产品.Organize new products system setup in Nanjing.

  4. 与化学师联系确认生产工艺,产品变更单,新化学原材料评估表和新化学原材料的MSDS,TDS资料.Contact with Chemist to confirm the process,check list , new chemical assessment form and new chemical’s MSDS ,TDS.

  5. 与工厂安全经理确认新化学原料是否允许在南京工厂使用,如果可以,通知计划,可以安排生产;如果不能使用,通知化学师.Confirm with EHS manager if the new chemical can be used or not in Nanjing plant, if can, notice planer to arrange the pilot; if not, notice the chemist.

  6. 制作工艺卡,并在生产前现场培训生产员工.Make the batch card and train the operator before produce it in site.

  7. 跟踪生产流程并根据实际指标与化学师沟通.Follow the pilot and discuss the result with the chemist.

  8. 如果放大生产,跟踪每个釜的前三批生产,如果指标有异常,及时与化学师沟通.If the product be produced in big reactor, follow the three batches’ process and the product’s specification, if the specification abnormal, discuss with chemist in time.

  9. 内部及外部沟通与协调.Internal&external communication and coordination.

  10. 主管及经理安排的其他工作.Other work arranged by supervisor and manager.



No direct employees supervised.






Minimum Requirements


  1. 化工相关专业本科.Bachelor's degree with chemical background.

  2. 3年以上工艺、化工生产工作经验.3 years in process, chemical production engineering.

  3. 具有化工项目经验佳.Chemical project experience is preferred.

  4. 熟练读写英语和交流优先.Good spoken and written English is preferred.

  5. 熟练操作电脑,精通Office办公软件,会用CAD.Good computer skill, be proficient in Microsoft Office ,CAD is perfected.

  6. 有SAP系统经验优先.Familiar with SAP system is preferred.

  7. 团队合作,主动合作和沟通.Team spirit, willingness to cooperate and communicating.

Other requirements 其它要求

  1. Have good verbal or written communication skills. 良好的口头和书面表达能力。

  2. Good collaboration and communication skills. 良好的团队合作及沟通技巧。

  3. Leading skill. 具有一定的领导能力.

  4. The following HBF core quality shall be frequently incarnated during the work: 作为践行如下HBF核心素质的典范: 积极应对变化   Responsive to change. 个人对结果负责 Individually accountable for results 竭诚合作     Model collaboration and commitment 关注客户   Focus on customers 精益运作 Demonstrates operational excellence operation 有效对自我管理 Demonstrate effectives self- management

Physical Demands 身体条件

  1. 身体健康,无听力障碍,无色盲,无嗅觉不灵敏等问题.With good health, without hearing obstacle, no color blindness and without insensitive in smell.

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Job Location
Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
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