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QC Technician

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H.B. Fuller is a leading global adhesives provider focusing on perfecting adhesives, sealants and other specialty chemicals across all industries throughout the world. While our products are virtually invisible, they play a vital role in ensuring the quality of modern life and we are committed to connecting what matters to solve some of the world's biggest adhesion challenges.

QC Technician Nanjing

QC技术员 南京

该职位向工厂QC主管汇报。This position is reporting to Facility QC Supervisor.

  1. QC技术员负责本部门的安全以及准确的而有效率的测试工作,必须确保原材料,包装材料和成品符合HB Fuller公司质量标准。The QC shall be responsible for the security of this department and exact and effective test work, and shall ensure the raw materials, packing materials and finished products are in accordance with the quality standard of HB Fuller company.

  2. 能独立完成新职工的培训, 独立完成成品性能测试。Independently completing the training of new employees, fulfilling performance test of finished products.

  3. 积极参与主管组织的的培训计划,对工艺和产品,质量的改进提出意见.Actively participating into the training plan organized by the director, and bringing forward opinion to the improvement of process, product and quality

  4. 内审员工作,对质量体系进行内审,提出改进建议。Taking charge of works of internal assessor and internally assessing quality system and bringing forward improvement suggestion.

  5. 发生生产异常和投诉时,和生产部参与调查异常,并完成原因分析及改进行动的建议。Taking part into the abnormality investigation with the Production Department when the abnormality and complaints occurred, and completing reason analysis and the suggestion of improvement activity.



  1. 大专/中专(化学/化工等相关专业)毕业,能懂基本的英语,会基本的电脑。Junior college/technical secondary school (majoring in quality or chemical industry), mastering basic English and computer knowledge.

  2. 至少3年的相关工作经验(QC工作经验)。At least three-year relevant working experiences (QC experience).

  3. 在制造业,尤其是化工/粘合剂行业优先。Manufacturing industry experience, especially in chemical industry or bond industry is preferred.

Physical Demands 身体条件

  1. 身体健康,无听力障碍,无色盲,无嗅觉不灵敏等问题.With good health, without hearing obstacle, no color blindness and without insensitive in smell .

  2. 能吃苦,能上夜班,胜任三班倒工作,并根据实际情况进行相应的加班.Be able to endure hardship, work on night shift and can take three-shift work, and work overtime according to the actual condition.

  3. 能够完成搬动25KG胶水的抽样工作.Be able to complete sampling work of moving 25KG gluewater.

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Job Location
Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
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