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  1. 协助维修经理建立健全预防性维修制度以及跟踪计划的实施;
  2. Assist maintenance manager to establish and improve the preventive maintenance system and follow up the implementation of the plan;
  3. 协助维修经理做好设备日常管理工作, 及时解决各类故障;对仪表及自动化故障有很好的分析解决能力。
  4. Assist maintenance manager in the daily management of equipment and timely solve the various faults; Good ability to analyze and solve instrument and automation problems.
  5. 组织设备故障的分析,找出故障的根源并形成报告;
  6. Organize the analysis of equipment fault, find out the root cause of the fault and form a report;
  7. 编写公司关键设备管理台帐,并对相关文档进行系统化管理。并协助维修经理制定和维护MIQA及LOTO;
  8. Prepared the company's key equipment management list, and systematically managed relevant documents. Assist maintenance manager to develop and maintain MIQA and LOTO;
  9. 对维修技术员进行设备基础知识及相关的培训,督导技术员对检修计划的执行 ;
  10. Carry out basic equipment knowledge and relevant training for maintenance technicians, and supervise technicians to carry out maintenance plans;
  11. 制定工厂设备管理的相关制度并督促执行;落实特种设备、压力管道、消防设施及环保设施的管理工作;
  12. Formulate the relevant system of plant equipment management and supervise the implementation; Implement the management of special equipment, pressure pipes, firefighting facilities and environmental protection facilities;
  13. 检维修工作的监督与管理
  14. Supervision and management of inspection and maintenance work
  15. 5S及安全等相关的管理工作
  16. 5S and safety management;
  17. 支持内外部审核工作;
  18. Support internal and external audit work;
  19. 该职位向工程及维修经理汇报
  20. This position reports to the engineering and maintenance manager;
Required Skills

Minimum Requirements


  1. 大专及以上学历,机电一体化/机械制造及其自动化等相关专业优先考虑;
  2. College degree or above, major in mechatronics/mechanical manufacturing and automation is preferred;
  3. 工作经验:5年化工及相关行业设备维修经验,化工行业优先考虑;
  4. Work experience: 5 years of equipment maintenance experience in chemical industry and related industries, chemical industry is preferred;
  5. 良好的英语读写能力
  6. Good English reading and writing ability
  7. 良好的沟通,解决问题及管理能力
  8. Good communication, problem solving and management skills
  9. 工作积极主动,认真负责。
  10. Proactive, serious and responsible.
  11. 在制造业,尤其是化工/粘合剂行业优先。
  12. In manufacturing industry, especially chemical/adhesive industry is preferred.
  13. 具备熟练的办公软件操作技能。Proficient in office software operation skills
Job Location
Nanjing, Jiangsu Sheng, China
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