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Maintenance Technician II

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  1. The maintenance technician shall be responsible for the safety and the effectiveness of the maintenance jobs at the current working day. 维修工负责当日的安全以及有效的维修工作。
  2. The maintenance technician makes ensure to complete inspection of the equipment, metal pollution, and period maintenance of transferring production, emergent maintenance and weekly, monthly maintenance task at the current working day, and shall guarantee the maintenance quality. 维修工必须确保完成当日的设备巡检、金属污染检查、转产时间保养、紧急维修以及周、月保养任务,并保证维修保养质量。
  3. Follow H.B. Fuller & government EHS & quality policy and procedure at any place and any time during the work. 在工作过程中的任何地点、时间都应遵守HBfuller公司和国家规定的安全质量政策和程序。
  4. Take charge of the safety and the effective operation for contractor so as to ensure jobs are completed by them in time.   负责外包商的安全及有效的运作,确保外包商也按时完成工作。
  5. Be responsible for 5S of the managed equipment and fields. 负责本区域相关设备的5S工作
  6. This position is reporting to Engineering & Maintenance Supervisor 该职位向工程及维修主管汇报
  1. Technical or occupational technical school diploma above 中专或职业技校及以上学历。
  2. At least three-year mechanical and electrical working experiences. 至少5年的机械或电气方面维修工作经验。
  3. Excellent DIY capability. 优秀的动手能力。
  4. Be active and initiative, earnest and be responsible for the job. 工作积极主动,认真负责。
  5. Manufacture industry, especially in chemical or adhesives industry is a priority. 在制造业,尤其是化工/粘合剂行业优先。
  6. Special equipment operating qualification.具备相关的特种作业资质, 特别是压力容器操作工证,司炉工证和低压电工证。
  7. Basic MS office skills. 具备基本的办公软件操作技能。
  8. Excellent communication skill. 必须有良好的团队沟通能力。
  9. With excellent oral and basic written expression ability.良好的口头表达能力和一定的书面表达能力。
  10. Being proficient in operating, maintaining and managing software.能熟练操作维修保养管理软件
  11. Possessing plan and organization capability for inferior levels.具备较强的计划、组织、执行能力。
  12. Possess ability to coping with the emergency (such as emergent repair)紧急应变能力(对于紧急维修)
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