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Warehouse Worker III R4

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Job Description



  1. Responsible for safe and effective operation for the position. 负责本岗位的安全以及有效率的运作。
  2. According to request of production the completion of daily production material prepare. 按生产要求完成每日的生产配料。
  3. Ensure all prepare material process reach the quality standard of H.B. Fuller. 所有配料操作必须确保符合HB Fuller公司质量标准。
  4. Follow H.B. Fuller & government EHS policy and procedure at any place and any time during the work.在工作过程中的任何地点、时间都应遵守HBFuller公司和国家规定的安全政策和程序。
  5. Guide PG14, 15 and temporary workers to have safe and effective operation. 指导PG14, 15和临时工的安全以及有效率的运作。
  6. This position is reporting to W/H supervisor 该职位向仓库主管汇报



  1. In accordance with weekly planning request to check raw material , and report in time. 根据周计划需求核对原材料,并及时汇报Check the raw materials according to the requirements of weekly plan and report in time
  2. In accordance with production plan, put RM into oven in advance ,and manage the oven Bin code. 根据生产计划,提前将需要烘的原材料放入烘箱,并统一调度烘箱库位
  3. Record Bin code ,batch No. and quantity on the batch card ,and guide operator to pick these material. 在配料工艺卡上记录所需材料的库位、批号和数量,并指引投料人员取料
  4. Responsible for check the remain material when work of production is completed,and put these material into the Bin code. 每个原料投料结束,负责核对余料,并返回到库位
  5. Responsible for pick up small material . 负责本班每个批次的小材料配制Responsible for each batch of small material preparation
  6. In accordance with first in first out ,and remain RM is used prior. 遵循先进先出原则,余料优先使用follow the principle “first in and first out”, excess stock priority in use
  7. Completed WMS system in time. 及时完成WMS系统
  8. Responsible for material warehouse manage of 5S.
  9. 负责原材料仓库的5S管理Responsible for 5 s management of the raw materials warehouse
  10. Collaboration receipt of raw materials and finished products shipped, the sample material sampling and other warehouse work 协作原材料收货,成品发货,样品材料取样等仓库工作
  1. If necessary, assist in the production 如有需要协助生产班组生产

12. Complete the temporary work arranged by supervisor 完成主管安排的临时工作

Required Skills

Minimum Requirements


  1. Good team oriented personality is a must. 必须有良好的团队工作能力。
  2. Candidate with forklift certificate is perfered. 有叉车证者(电瓶叉车)优先。
  3. Manufacture, especially in chemical or adhesive industry experience prefered. 在制造业,尤其是化工/粘合剂行业优先。
  4. Possess good collaboration and communication skill. 必须有良好的团队沟通能力。
  5. A good trainer and willing to share experiences. 积极分享经验,及良好的培训能力。
  6. Having at least on one year relevant working experiences. 至少1年的相关工作经验。At least 1 year related working experience
  7. Basic MS office software operation skills. 具备基本的办公软件操作技能。
  8. Good knowledge of occupational health care, safety, environmental protection and local laws and regulations is perfered. 对职业保健、安全环保以及地方法律法规充分理解并运用者优先。

Other requirements 其它要求

  1. Have good verbal or written communication skills.. 良好的口头和书面表达能力。
  2. Good collaboration and communication skills. 良好的团队合作及沟通技巧。
  3. The following HBF core quality shall be frequently incarnated during the work: 作为践行如下HBF核心素质的典范: 积极应对变化 Responsive to change. 个人对结果负责 Individually accountable for results 竭诚合作 Model collaboration and commitment 关注客户 Focuse on customers 精益运作 Demonstrates operational excellence operation 有效对自我管理 Demonstrate effectives self- management

Physical Demands 身体条件

  1. The basic requirement of this job requires standing and frequent moving, going upstairs and downstairs, as well as using hand to move case or packaging, strong arm power and stoop are required as well. 本工作的基本要求是站立的,并经常会走动,上下楼梯,以及使用手搬箱或包装,有臂力,并需要弯腰。
  2. Frequent required to move raw materials or materials at about 25kg, occationally need to assist others or use tools to move 50kg raw materials. 经常搬动的为25kg左右的原料或物料,偶尔需要协助他人或使用工具移动50kg的原料/物料。
  3. Will come into contact with noise, dust and excitant odour, good lighting conditions, there is no relevant occupational disease
  4. 现场会接触到噪音、轻微粉尘及刺激性气味,照明条件良好,一般无相关职业病发生。
Job Location
Nanjing, China
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