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Mixing Technician

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  1. In accordance with the Standard Operation Procedure to produce the product/adhesive with appropriated records. (60%)
  2. 根据标准操作流程对胶黏剂进行搅拌相关作业。
  3. Carry out the process testing based on the specification requirement. (10%)
  4. 根据具体要求进行流程测试。
  5. Control the mixing process parameters and make sure the products made under required condition. (10%)
  6. 控制搅拌过程中各类参数,保证产品在合适状态下进行生产。
  7. Observe and find out the abnormal during the mixing process and report to the product chemist and plant manager timely. (10%)


  1. Raise the reasonable proposals to the chemist and the plant manager about the mixing process to optimize the manufacturing process continuously. (10%)
  2. 向化学师和厂长提出搅拌过程中的合理建议,如关于持续改善和提高生产质量、效率等。
  3. Others tasks assigned by manager
  4. 一些其他被委派的任务


  1. Chemistry bachelor background or college graduate with above 1 year related experience of electronic materials manufacturing/downloading/packaging.
  2. 本科学历&化学相关教育背景, 或大专学历并拥有过一年以上电子材料生产/灌装/包装经验。
  3. Working experience in a shift leader role is preferred
  4. 如有班长工作经验更佳。
  5. Multi-national company experiences at chemical industry is preferred
  6. 如有外资化工企业工作经验更佳。
  7. Good communication skill, good teamwork skill.
  8. 良好的沟通和团队合作能力。
Job Location
Yantai City, China
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