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Quality Control Supervisor

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  1. 协调和指导工厂QC团队.

Coordinate and coach facility QC team

  1. 管理实验室测试,保证检测设备得到合适的外校和保养.

Manage lab testing and ensure measuring equipment is properly calibrated and maintained

  1. 根据质量管理流程严格控制原材料质量.

Manage incoming raw material quality per defined Quality management process

  1. 统筹安排检测过程控制项目及产品控制项目任务,通过SPC分析测试数据,持续改善质量.

Arrange process and finish goods testing, analyze the testing results through SPC method to improve product quality continuously

  1. 引领配合采购及相关部门处理月度供应商客诉,评估原材料以及包装材料性能等工作.

Working with sourcing and relative department to support monthly supplier complaint work process, evaluate raw material, package quality performance when needed

  1. 通过团队合作引领解决质量问题,确认并追踪客户投诉中发现可以改善的行动.

Lead product quality issues resolving with team, identify and follow up improvement opportunities through customer complaint work process

  1. 协助QA体系及检测方法的完善

Maintain and update QA system and testing method

  1. 参与月度质量会议,准备QC月度报告,包括客户退货,OOS,过期产品,供应商客诉汇总,管控产品报告。协同各部门进行质量改善.

Participate monthly quality meeting, prepare QC reports including customer return product, out of spec, out of shelf life, supplier complaint summary, on-hold product report, working with team to make improvements

  1. 协调NPI的引进,配合建立新监测方法,使之顺畅的进行工厂本土化转换.

Coordinate all the NPI localization steps to make the product made at local facility smoothly

  1. 培训质量人员改善质量控制,指导工厂员工使用质量系统.

Train QC technicians/inspectors to improve quality control, coach plant personnel on the use of quality systems when needed

  1. 经理交办的其它任务.

Assist manager to handle other related issues.

要求/ Minimum Requirements

  • 本科及以上学历,化学或者化工背景
  • Bachelor degree major in chemistry or chemical engineering;
  • 至少5年质量管理和质量检测服务相关工作经验
  • Minimum 5 years quality management and inspection experience;
  • 良好的英语读写能力
  • Good oral and written English language capability
  • 良好的沟通技巧和团队协作技巧
  • Good communication skills and teamwork skills
Job Location
Yantai City, Shandong Sheng, China
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